I present my beautiful rosemary plant.

I present my beautiful rosemary plant.
Hello my friends to make pots.
Today, as it says in the title, I want to show you my rosemary plant, the care I have given it, and let you know some properties that I know about ROMERO. I hope you enjoy it, WE COME …

Rosemary is a small one, it falls within the classification of shrub, it is tremendously aromatic, it has medicinal properties, but it is better known as an ally in the kitchen, being a perfect seasoning for meats, flavoring oils, cheeses, tofu between others.

It is rich in antioxidant properties, and for its medicinal uses are often used flowers.
But there are different ways to take advantage of their benefits, Example: Ointments, tinctures, lotion, infusions.

In my house I use it in food, and in infusions when there are stomach pains, diarrhea, also when I have indigestion. I also usually put roero tea at room temperature after I wash my hair, to strengthen the root and to avoid dandruff, until now I have worked well, taking into account that I do not constantly.


Previously I bought several times rosemary plants in the nursery, but when transplanting to the final pot did not survive, I happened about 5 times before having this. So if the same thing happened to you, do not worry, be patient.
Sowing: I recommend buying and transplants in the rainy season and leave it in a place where there is abundant dew but the drops do not fall directly. That is if you constantly check for moisture or lack of water in the earth. If you see small white balls on the stem, as mushroom speck is a sign that is missing sun.

Land: This was one of the points in which as probe alternatives to have the ideal land and that the plant did not die, finally thrived in a mixture of rice shell, with black earth, a land similar to the river sediment.
Irrigation: Only when the soil is dry, should not be abundant because fungi are easily produced. If the fungi are in certain branches, cut immediately, disinfecting the scissors with a little alcohol before cutting the next branch.

Fertilizer: I apply natural fertilizers, based on banana and potato hulls, and periodically apply a cup of well-drained cattle dung around the pot.

Reproduction: It can be done by cutting or seed, to me to be operated by cutting.


 He made small cuts to the tips of the tips in the waning moons, to give leafiness, and in the crescents if I want to stretch. The new moons I leave for the fertilizer and the full moons I only enjoy his intoxicating smell and he touched it more than to tell him how beautiful it is.


In case of my plant, this week is the second time that flowers in two years that I have it, may be due to weather conditions or lack of sun.

As I told you before, your flowers are the most used for naturopathic medicine, I usually retire when they are already ugly, or he is ready to release them.


Here I present my leidy Romero one of the most spoiled plants in the house …
That was the first photo I took with a professional camera, one day a friend came to eat at home and I borrowed it to take some pictures of the garden, in fact this same photo I posted on my steemit account

mi planta de romero publicada en steemit

And these are taken today with the camera of my cell phone.

i plata de romero 1

flores de romero en su maximo explendor
flore sd eromero hermosas

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Bay until a next make pots. <3

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